The Ocean Fund

Introducing The Ocean Fund: Investing in our blue planet by capturing ocean-bound plastics that offset your plastic footprint.

The Ocean Fund is a visionary initiative brought to life by Carbon Checkout, in partnership with the Plastic Bank. Designed to harness the transformative power of community action, this fund is dedicated to capturing ocean-bound plastics from waterways to safeguard the lifeblood of our planet – our oceans. Invest in plastic offsets, with each dollar capturing 50 plastic bottles from ocean-bound waterways.

CO2 per capita

Collections: The Climate Funds

Type: Plastic Offset

Capturing Ocean-bound Plastics

Location: Southeast Asia
Intervention: Plastic pollution recovery
Verification: Plastic Bank

Although plastic serves to enhance and simplify various aspects of our lives, it has become ingrained in our routines, often seen as indispensable. Its widespread availability, affordability, and disposability have made it a ubiquitous part of modern consumption. However, the unchecked accumulation of plastic waste poses a dire threat to our oceans, with projections indicating that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in marine environments.

Taking proactive steps to curb plastic pollution is essential for achieving sustainability objectives. Carbon Checkout and The Ocean Fund has partnered with Plastic Bank, to play a crucial role in preventing plastic waste from reaching our oceans. Through this collaboration, plastic collection initiatives are facilitated within a 50-kilometer radius of ocean-bound waterways and coastlines. Communities actively engage in gathering plastic waste from local beaches, riverbanks, neighborhoods, and households, effectively intercepting ocean-bound plastic at its source.

Together, we are not only addressing the environmental challenge posed by plastic pollution but also creating tangible benefits for communities. Plastic Bank provides communities with collection centers, where people can exchange collected plastic waste for incentives at local branches, which in turn support essential family needs such as groceries, education, healthcare, and access to digital services. By offering a reliable source of income, Plastic Bank empowers vulnerable communities, offering them a pathway out of poverty.

Through the collaborative efforts of forward-thinking companies and individuals, we are leading the charge in stewarding the collection of ocean-bound plastic and fostering thriving collection communities. The recycled plastic is transformed into feedstock, which is utilized in the manufacturing of new products and packaging, thereby giving ocean- bound plastic a new lease on life.

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Per capita CO2 Emissions by Country

By default, we reference per capita CO2 emissions for the United States when providing estimates concerning the percentage of your footprint that will be offset with each investment. To reference the per capita CO2 emissions for other countries, please see the table below.