Verified Impact

Plastic collection from ocean-bound waterways is verified by The Plastic Bank, and secured by a blockchain enabled platform, oversight that ensures all contributions lead to measurable impact on the ground, that:


Plastic collection is secured by a proprietary blockchain-secured platform which offers end-to-end traceability. Our partners at Plastic Bank assign unique ownership of the entire transaction chain, from the member who collects the plastic to the processor who recycles it.


Plastic collection is additional to business-as-usual, meaning recovered plastics would otherwise be released into waterways without your contributions. Collection operations are currently underway in Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt and Thailand.


Effectively diverting plastics from waterways permanently reduces the measurable volume of ocean-bound plastics that ultimately lead to impacts on marine ecosystems.

Project Spotlight

The Earth Fund invests directly in the projects featured below, and will continue to enhance and diversify the project portfolio to ensure we deliver measurable impact with every dollar invested, and with a focused strategy on maximizing your impact ROI.

Intercepting Ocean Plastics


When I choose to "Protect Nature" as my impact focus, what does that mean?

The "Protect Nature" impact focus is linked to The Earth Fund. This visionary fund is dedicated to investing in Nature-based Solutions that protect ecosystems and restore biodiversity, while sequestering global carbon emissions. From forest conservation projects to wetland restoration efforts, your investment in The Earth Fund is a commitment to safeguarding the very essence of life on Earth.

When I choose to "Safeguard our Oceans", what does that mean?

The "Safeguard our Oceans" impact focus is linked to The Ocean Fund. This fund is a pioneering initiative focused on restoring marine ecosystems and combating plastic pollution. By investing in community projects that remove plastics from waterways, you're not just protecting marine life – you're preserving the lifeblood of our planet.

When I choose to "Preserve Biodiversity", what does that mean?

The "Preserve Biodiversity" impact focus is linked to The Wildlife Fund and The Earth Fund. These funds invest in nature conservation, habitat restoration and rewilding efforts to animate the carbon cycle. From lush rainforests to sprawling savannas, your investment is a beacon of hope for biodiversity and a sustainable future.

When I choose to "Transition to Renewable Energy", what does that mean?

The "Transition to Renewable Energy" impact focus is linked to The Climate Tech Fund. This initiative is dedicated to investing in renewable energy infrastructure and emerging technologies. From wind and solar to geothermal and tidal energy, your investment in The Climate Tech Fund is a catalyst for building a cleaner, more sustainable energy grid.

When I choose "Blended Impact", what does that mean?

The "Blended Impact" focus is linked to The Climate Funds, which include The Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Tech Funds. Your investment is a blended portfolio across these funds and impact focus areas, to deliver meaningful climate action on the ground, where it is most needed.

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