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The original plug-in for climate action

Carbon Checkout is the original web application that first brought carbon offsets to Shopify eCommerce stores in 2015, giving millions of individuals the opportunity to balance the carbon footprint of their online transactions directly from within the checkout funnel.

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2,500+ brand partners

We've partnered with over 2,500 eCommerce business partners to date.

10-year track record

We originated the plug-in carbon offset sector, building on over 18 years of experience in environmental and carbon markets.

100,000+ users

We've attracted a loyal base, at 100,000 users and growing.

Plug & Play Integration

Seamlessly integrates with leading eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Big Commerce, etc.)

Custom Project Matching

Pick projects and causes that resonate best with your brand and customer values.

Supporting Business KPIs

Enhance customer trust, conversion rates, and loyalty while making an impact!

Integrate climate CTAs into your user journey

Integrate our climate impact stack into your eCommerce UX, and enable your customers to take climate action with every transaction. Here's how it works:

  1. Install app from the app store;
  2. Activate app from your dashboard and approve the billing API;
  3. Customize settings and optimize widget placement to your liking.

With an integrated sustainability initiative, you can differentiate your brand and drive measurable impact, while increasing conversion, MRR, AOR, and CLV. Good for nature, good for customers, good for business!

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We're backed by leading institutions

We are scaling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Google as part of the Startups for Sustainable Development initiative • Co-funded by the European Innovation Council of the European Union, by the Chilean and Spanish Governments • Honored by The World Bank as one of the Top 5 global startups working on climate change.

Reports and Analysts

Retailers and service providers will likely continue adding capabilities to offset products or shipment and transportation to boost customer loyalty. Carbon Checkout, a one-click offsetting application co-funded by European Innovation Council of the European Union, has formed over 2,000 e-commerce partnerships since launching in 2015.
— Consumers Fight Climate Change at Checkout
Incentivise Greener Choices - Retailers can develop incentives and “choice architectures” that encourage consumers to receive deliveries in more sustainable—yet convenient—ways. Shopify’s Carbon Checkout App allows consumers to make choices based on their values.
— The Sustainable Last Mile
Environmental and social factors are increasingly top-of-mind for consumers. Taking steps to surface a commitment to these themes at checkout can help businesses increase conversions and drive revenue growth...merchants can enable their customers to offset the carbon footprint of their order through a one-click donation at checkout with Carbon Checkout.
— ESG and Technology: Impacts and Implications
In recent years Wall Street and industry players have been working to make the voluntary system more accessible. Carbon Checkout is a plug-in software app that integrates into existing e-commerce stores so customers can invest in carbon offsets during their purchase.
— Carbon Markets Heating Up: How to Invest
Carbon Checkout is great for e-commerce businesses that want to elevate their brand by supporting an important cause...for this reason and more, it is our top pick for Best Offset Program for E-commerce and Micro-contributions.
— Best Carbon Offset Programs
A carbon offset is a way of balancing or “canceling out” the emissions of your business by investing in projects, activities, and initiatives that work to reduce carbon. Popular and reputable programs for businesses include Carbon Checkout.
— What are carbon offsets and does your business need them?

We're here to help elevate your brand with purpose

Sustainability alignment can differentiate your brand and drive measurable impact

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The Climate Funds

The right project for your brand

Whether your brand and customers are passionate about protecting nature, safeguarding our oceans, preserving biodiversity, or driving the transition to renewable energy, Carbon Checkout's Climate Funds offer a pathway to meaningful impact.

All contributions fund the underlying impact projects in the Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Tech Funds.

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We've been sourcing the best projects for 15+ years

Actionable, Transparent & Verified Impact

All projects are third-party verified by Verra, The Gold Standard or Climate Action Reserve (CAR), oversight that ensures all contributions are directed to the highest quality projects.

Due Diligence

Projects are rigorously and independently verified by trusted third-party layers


Projects are additional to business-as-usual, meaning the projects would not otherwise be developed without carbon offset contributions


Projects provide emission reductions that are both measurable and permanent according to the highest internationally recognized standards and audits

Featured Projects

We work with your brand to select regionally relevant projects that align with your sustainability message, and that which resonates with your customer base.

Customer contributions are aggregated into the Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Clean Tech Funds, and invested in the underlying projects featured below, with new projects coming online following each quarterly performance review.

Rimba Raya REDD+

Manoa REDD+

Mai Ndombe REDD+

Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

Saint Nikola Wind

Manantiales Behr Wind

Intercepting Ocean Plastics

Blended Impact Portfolio


When I choose to "Protect Nature" as my impact focus, what does that mean?

The "Protect Nature" impact focus is linked to The Earth Fund. This visionary fund is dedicated to investing in Nature-based Solutions that protect ecosystems and restore biodiversity, while sequestering global carbon emissions. From forest conservation projects to wetland restoration efforts, your investment in The Earth Fund is a commitment to safeguarding the very essence of life on Earth.

When I choose to "Safeguard our Oceans", what does that mean?

The "Safeguard our Oceans" impact focus is linked to The Ocean Fund. This fund is a pioneering initiative focused on restoring marine ecosystems and combating plastic pollution. By investing in community projects that remove plastics from waterways, you're not just protecting marine life – you're preserving the lifeblood of our planet.

When I choose to "Preserve Biodiversity", what does that mean?

The "Preserve Biodiversity" impact focus is linked to The Wildlife Fund and The Earth Fund. These funds invest in nature conservation, habitat restoration and rewilding efforts to animate the carbon cycle. From lush rainforests to sprawling savannas, your investment is a beacon of hope for biodiversity and a sustainable future.

When I choose to "Transition to Renewable Energy", what does that mean?

The "Transition to Renewable Energy" impact focus is linked to The Climate Tech Fund. This initiative is dedicated to investing in renewable energy infrastructure and emerging technologies. From wind and solar to geothermal and tidal energy, your investment in The Climate Tech Fund is a catalyst for building a cleaner, more sustainable energy grid.

When I choose "Blended Impact", what does that mean?

The "Blended Impact" focus is linked to The Climate Funds, which include The Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Tech Funds. Your investment is a blended portfolio across these funds and impact focus areas, to deliver meaningful climate action on the ground, where it is most needed.

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