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The original web application for integrated carbon offsets

Our Story

Carbon Checkout is the original web application that first brought carbon offsets to Shopify eCommerce stores in 2015, giving millions of individuals the opportunity to balance the carbon footprint of their online transactions from within the checkout funnel.

We pool customer contributions into our Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Tech Funds, and invest in impact driven projects to deliver collective action with every transaction.

With 100,000+ users and scaling, we're just getting started!

We've been at this for a while

2,500+ business partners

We've partnered with over 2,500 eCommerce business partners to date.

10 year track record

We originated the plug-in carbon offset sector, building on over 18 years of experience in environmental and carbon markets.

100,000+ users

We've attracted a loyal base, at 100,000 users and growing.

Climate Solutions

Brands & People

For Brands

Integrate our climate impact stack into your eCommerce UX, and enable your customers to take climate action with every transaction. Here's how it works:

  1. Install app from the app store;
  2. Activate app from your dashboard and approve the billing API;
  3. Customize settings and optimize widget placement to your liking.

With an integrated sustainability initiative, you can differentiate your brand and drive measurable impact, while increasing conversion, MRR, AOR, and CLV. Good for nature, good for customers, good for business!

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For People

Invest in nature to restore ecological balance, and offset your daily impact with an exclusive Climate Membership. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your Climate Membership Plan, starting at $1 per month
  2. Choose your impact focus, whether it be protecting nature, safeguarding our oceans, preserving biodiversity, or driving the transition to renewable energy;
  3. Invest in nature and track your impact ROI in your Climate Portfolio.

You receive exclusive monthly curated content from the field to validate the impact ROI of your membership.

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Invest in Nature

The Climate Funds

Whether you're passionate about protecting nature, safeguarding our oceans, preserving biodiversity, or driving the transition to renewable energy, Carbon Checkout's Climate Funds offer a pathway to meaningful impact.

All contributions fund the underlying impact projects in the Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Tech Funds.

Invest in Nature

We're backed by leading institutions

We are scaling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together with Google as part of the Startups for Sustainable Development initiative; we were co-funded by the European Innovation Council of the European Union, by the Chilean and Spanish Governments. We were also honored by The World Bank as one of the Top 5 global startups working on climate change.

Retailers and service providers will likely continue adding capabilities to offset products or shipment and transportation to boost customer loyalty. Carbon Checkout , a one-click offsetting application co-funded by European Innovation Council of the European Union, has formed over 2,000 e-commerce partnerships since launching in 2015.
— Consumers Fight Climate Change at Checkout
Incentivise Greener Choices - Retailers can develop incentives and “choice architectures” that encourage consumers to receive deliveries in more sustainable—yet convenient—ways. Shopify’s Carbon Checkout App allows consumers to make choices based on their values.
— The Sustainable Last Mile
Environmental and social factors are increasingly top-of-mind for consumers. Taking steps to surface a commitment to these themes at checkout can help businesses increase conversions and drive revenue growth...merchants can enable their customers to offset the carbon footprint of their order through a one-click donation at checkout with Carbon Checkout.
— ESG and Technology: Impacts and Implications
In recent years Wall Street and industry players have been working to make the voluntary system more accessible. Carbon Checkout is a plug-in software app that integrates into existing e-commerce stores so customers can invest in carbon offsets during their purchase.
— Carbon Markets Heating Up: How to Invest
Carbon Checkout is great for e-commerce businesses that want to elevate their brand by supporting an important cause...for this reason and more, it is our top pick for Best Offset Program for E-commerce and Micro-contributions.
— Best Carbon Offset Programs
A carbon offset is a way of balancing or “canceling out” the emissions of your business by investing in projects, activities, and initiatives that work to reduce carbon. Popular and reputable programs for businesses include Carbon Checkout.
— What are carbon offsets and does your business need them?


How do I install the app?

Visit the Shopify app store to install the Carbon Checkout app. The app will automatically install on your store, all you have to do is authorize the installation when prompted by Shopify, then Activate the app from your Carbon Checkout dashboard by selecting the “On” mode.

Can my store match my customers' contributions?

Yes, you can join the BALANCE initiative as a Match Partner, and match your customers’ contributions penny for penny. As a Match Partner, you can leverage logos and cause marketing collateral to communicate your commitments and differentiate your brand. 

How does billing work?

The app continues to be Free; by activating the app you must agree to transfer all collected contributions to Carbon Checkout via your Shopify bill. Therefore, all charges will appear on your normal Shopify bill, and will be paid through Shopify on a 30-day billing cycle. There are no extra contracts, vendors, or payment schedules to worry about.

Why can't I see the widget on my site after install?

After initial installation, you must activate the app by turning the app “On”. Please login to your Shopify dashboard, select the Apps tab, then select the Carbon Checkout app to view your dashboard. You must check the “On” check box to activate the app.

If you visit your storefront, add a product to cart, then navigate to your cart page, you should see the Carbon Checkout widget. If the widget is still not present, then it is likely that your Theme is blocking the Carbon Checkout widget from view. In such instances, please contact support so we can make the necessary code adjustments to ensure integration with your Theme structure.

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