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At the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, lives The Climate Tech Fund, a pioneering initiative curated by Carbon Checkout. Committed to driving the transition towards a sustainable energy grid, this fund is your gateway to investing in the cutting-edge technologies that is shaping our planet's future.

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Type: Carbon Offset

Saint Nikola Wind Power Complex

Location: Bulgaria
Intervention: Renewable Wind Power
Verification: Verra

The Saint Nikola Wind Farm is a 156 MW, grid-connected, renewable energy wind farm in Bulgaria. Bulgaria was admitted into the European Union in 2007. The Project consists of a new electrical substation and 52 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3MW. By producing electricity from a renewable emission-free energy source, the Project contributes to the sustainable, socio-economic development of the region, and improves the use of local energy resources.

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Manantiales Behr Wind Power Complex

Location: Argentina
Intervention: Renewable Wind Power
Verification: Verra

The Manantiales Behr Wind Power Complex required an initial investment of 200 million dollars, an impressive installation that now reduces fossil fuel generated electricity in Argentina equivalent to 47,500 m3 of diesel or 80 million m3 of natural gas annually. The project provides an annual reduction of 241,600 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Manantiales Behr, due to its privileged location, takes advantage of the winds from Patagonia, which  have one of the highest factors in the world in terms of installed power capacity.

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Per capita CO2 Emissions by Country

By default, we reference per capita CO2 emissions for the United States when providing estimates concerning the percentage of your footprint that will be offset with each investment. To reference the per capita CO2 emissions for other countries, please see the table below.