We can win the biggest battles...

While the scientific evidence and visible signs of climate change are indeed compelling, it’s no longer about who or what is responsible for this phenomenon, it‘s about what we choose to do about it now. We determine our future, and that of generations to follow. As Sir Jonathan Pryce's rousing words ring in our conscience..."We can win the biggest battles, in the smallest moments. Are you for the world, or against it? It's time to decide."

My name is Colby Self, I've spent the entirety of my career advocating for our world, serving as policy consultant and strategic advisor on international initiatives for non-governmental organizations, UN bodies, government agencies and private industry in global efforts to advance environmental initiatives. But over the last 18 years in a race to solve some of our most pressing environmental challenges, I've grown tired of the perpetual regulatory delay while legacy industries and bureaucrats negotiate our future. And while these policy instruments and top down approaches may put us on a path for change in 2050 or 2100, I founded Carbon Checkout to deliver change NOW. We empower the individual to take climate action with immediacy, action that collectively scales from the bottom-up.

The original web application for integrated carbon offsets

Carbon Checkout is the original web application that first brought carbon offsets to Shopify eCommerce stores in 2015, giving millions of individuals the opportunity to balance the carbon footprint of their online transactions from within the checkout funnel. We pool customer contributions into our Earth, Ocean, Wildlife and Climate Tech Funds, and invest in impact driven projects to deliver collective action with every transaction. With 100,000+ users and scaling, we're just getting started!

We’ve worked with 2500+ eCommerce partners to date, with our software application currently plug-in compatible with over 20% of all eCommerce sites. As we scale, we’ll build compatibility across additional platforms to reach over half of the eCommerce market by 2025.

We hold unique domain expertise in environmental and carbon markets, and have worked closely with global non-governmental organizations, including the world’s largest conservation organization - World Wide Fund for Nature - on developing the next frontier of green financial solutions. We’ve also been on the cutting edge of eCommerce with our engineering team having honed their skills while working for the tech giants in Silicon Valley.

Our team has gained the confidence of many throughout our journey, from humble beginnings in California, to the Government of Chile and the Startup Chile network in Santiago, to the European Commission and the European Innovation Council in Brussels, to Decelera and the Government of Spain in Madrid, to The World Bank and Google for Startups at large.

Building on our depth of experience and expertise in environmental markets, we're not just a software company, we are an environmental consulting group with technical expertise and a proven track record of environmental achievement since 2007.

Leaders lead, let's do this together!