Our Team

Carbon Checkout was founded by Eco-innovations, LLC, an environmental policy consulting group established in 2007. Eco-innovations addresses environmental challenges with market-based solutions that prompt informed consumer action. There is exceptional value in informed consumer demand as a mechanism for change, one that can transform markets and improve environmental and social conditions with a speed unlike any other process.  Eco-innovations facilitates this change with market solutions developed in partnership with Carbon Checkout and the Automotive Science Group.



Colby is Founding Partner and Managing Director at Carbon Checkout, holding expertise in environmental and social policy development. Having served NGOs, UN bodies, government agencies and private industry in global efforts to advance environmental initiatives over the past 12 years, he understands the value of public-private collaboration as a mechanism for change. Colby has been an advocate of environmental justice throughout his career, representing views of civil society at UN diplomatic conferences, working to extend the reach of international environmental law and to broaden the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Right to all peoples, in all places. His work in Brussels to advance environmental policy initiatives at the EU, has given him great insight into the European political process and the role progressive government plays in transforming industry. On the opposite end of the spectrum, his work in Washington to advance U.S. environmental policy initiatives and enforcement capabilities has shed light on the role of progressive industry to move ahead of government when the law fails to provide adequate protections.

These experiences have focused Colby’s entrepreneurial ventures on consumer advocacy, realizing that informed consumer choices can transform markets and improve environmental and social conditions with a speed unlike any multi-stakeholder process.

Colby has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Policy, Planning and Development from the University of Southern California. He was a visiting scholar at Oxford University and a select member of the Cambridge University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Cambridge-MIT Institute Enterprisers. Colby is also a member of former Vice President Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps and Founding Partner of Automotive Science Group.