Manoa REDD+

CO2 per capita

Type: Carbon Offset

Location: Brazil
Intervention: Avoided Deforestation REDD+
Verification: Verra, CCB

The Manoa REDD+ Project is located in the state of Rondônia, protecting 73,000 hectares of forest, in the region that has experienced one of the highest rates of deforestation in the Amazon, due to large-scale operations that clear forests for beef and soy commodities.

Manoa is recognized by FAO (Food and Ag Organization of the U.N.) as an exemplary case of sustainable forest management.

Per capita CO2 Emissions by Country

By default, we reference per capita CO2 emissions for the United States when providing estimates concerning the percentage of your footprint that will be offset with each investment. To reference the per capita CO2 emissions for other countries, please see the table below.