The Crow Lake Winder Power Complex is a 162 MW, grid-connected, renewable energy wind farm in the midwestern state of South Dakota, near Sioux Falls. The Project consists of 108 wind turbines that generate clean energy and displace grid connected fossil fuel sources, offsetting approximately 432,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. By producing electricity from a renewable emission-free energy source, the project contributes to the sustainable, socio-economic development of the region, and improves the use of local energy resources. 
This project also includes a community wind investment partnership, as its turbines are used to educate future wind technicians attending the Mitchell Technical Institute. The turbines are used as part of the school’s wind turbine technology program, allowing future engineers to gain hands-on technical experience in the region.
Project standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Technology: Wind energy
Region: Midwest (South Dakota, USA)
Annual volume: 432,000 tons CO2-equivalent emission reductions